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Like taking two breaths in one.

   Submicron air purifiers are designed and built based on clinical and Department of Defense air purification requirements, using highly advanced technologies and components.

   Our purifiers feature our proprietary main filters that are individually tested and serial numbered, with the individual test results provided to our customers. Our competitive advantages include filtration down to gaseous < .1 micron levels, high energy efficiency, low noise levels, and quality marine and aerospace grade aluminum materials.

   Finally, our purifiers are the only purifiers in existence shown to be so effective that they are capable of increasing blood oxygen levels.

Why Submicron?

Nuclear Biological Chemical   (NBC) Capable
Purple Smoke

   Our unique design and proprietary technologies allow our products to achieve the most effective PCO (Photocatalytic Oxidation) filtration known to exist, helping our purifiers remove airborne contaminants down to the gaseous level.

Aluminum Supplier

   Our products are designed to last a lifetime.  Units are constructed from corrosion-resistant marine grade aluminum, making them suitable for field or shipboard operations, and are resistant to EMP attack,

Quiet and Energy Efficient
Sleeping Baby_edited.jpg

  Our air purifiers feature noise levels as low as 56 decibels at  MAX setting, making them suitable for occupied spaces, with the average energy consumption at full power being approximately 300 W.

About US

Submicron is a Veteran Owned Small Business founded in 2018. We focus on cutting-edge technologies and approaches that combine to deliver unrivaled portable air purification systems.

Our products are capable of extraordinarily high levels of microbial filtration and elimination, as well as providing unmatched removal of VOC’s from the air that we breathe. Our design philosophy ensures our purifiers offer a relatively small footprint, low energy consumption, and minimal noise levels suitable for occupied spaces.

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